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Christmas Knitting

Christmas is almost here

I LOVE CHRISTMAS. And I love making things for others. This year is just the same. I have made so many things throughout the year and this is just the beginning of my end of the year gifts. You will be seeing more of my projects as it gets closer. I am going to try to post them as I finish them, so the posts may be short but they will be more frequent.
I am also in the process of creating a pod/videocast under Knittin’ Kim, so please keep an eye out for it after the New Year, or Hogmany if you are across the pond.  

With Christmas coming, I have been busy, busy, busy. My items for myself have been put on hold while I make things for my loved one.
The picture above is a scarf that I made for my husband, my own pattern. It was made from Knit Picks Brava Cobblestone Heather. I love how thick it is and I can just picture my hubby wrapped in it when he is out clearing out pathways in just a few weeks.

The next item that I have completed:  This is a gift card holder that I have made for some friends of the family. I love it, but then I love cables. This was so much fun to make. I found the pattern on Knit Picks and here is the link on Ravelry. I made it out of Stroll Tweed, The color was Garnet Heather. I was able to make it with yarn left over for another holder.

I hope that these items are inspiration for everyone. If there are any questions, or comments please let me know. God Bless you all.


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